About Us

We are a Customer Experience and Customer Success consulting firm.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to help you create happy and loyal customers.

01. Integrity

We are dependable, accountable and follow through on commitments. We are open and honest when communicating with everyone. We adhere to strong morals, ethical principles and values.

02. Passion

We truly love working with customers and we have fun. We are confident in our work, judgments and decisions. We are empowering, compassionate and committed.

03. Collaboration

We are interpersonal, communicative and share knowledge and strategy with your cross functional teams. We deliver a high level of engagement, ideation and brainstorming.

Customer Commitment

We are committed to the success of customers and their business outcomes.


We are committed as a team with a unified direction and making customers happy.


We are polite and kind and treat customers that same way as we expect to be treated.

Data Driven

We leverage all customer and product data points to help deliver the business results customers desire.


We are focused on making customers successful by displaying persistence and perseverance.


We are accountable for all our actions and have clearly set goals to keep everyone engaged and focused,

Our Approach

Customer Centric - Centric Notion Consulting

We leverage a Customer Centric approach to Experience, Services and Success Outcomes utilizing a repeatable and scalable model. The focus is on the customer journey from discovery to renewal.

We take an Outside-In approach to create meaningful end to end customer experiences. We build profitable value-based services on the success and needs of our customers. We create a Customer Success program based on the customers desired business, product and services outcome.  

Leadership Team

Pom - Centric Notion Consulting

Pom Dhesi

Founder and Principal Consultant

Pom is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Centric Notion, a Customer Experience and Customer Success consulting firm. As a strategic and hands-on leader, he has 20 years of experience leading and building Customer Experience, Customer Success, Professional Services and Customer Support teams for Startup, Midsize and Enterprises businesses in North America and Global. Skilled and experienced in many platforms in SaaS, On-Premise, Tech and Non-Tech.

He is a customer focused expert with a propensity of a building a team and its operations championed by his experience and ability to scale and grow based on needs and efficiencies. He is dedicated to delivering People, Process and Technology for Customer Experience, Professional Services and Customer Success by generating proven results in Business, financial and customer outcomes.



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