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Customer Experience

Customer Experience at Centric Notion starts by connecting with customers and employees at all levels of the business.

Understanding your customer is the starting point to success by providing a clear vision and a road-map to memorable experiences.

View your business from an outside-in approach to validate the end to end customer experience from discovery to renewal. Leverage Customer Experience to differentiate from the competition using strategic thinking, creativity and execution. Let us define your journey to customer success.

Customer Success

Everything at Centric Notion starts and ends with a customer. Customer Success is an extension of your product, brand and a big part of the customer experience.

Understanding what a customer expects to accomplish through a product and connecting them to the unique value proposition and brand messaging is critical to delivering successful outcomes.

Let us define a success plan to understand the customer strategy in order to educate, drive deeper usage, offering best practices, upsell and renewals that lead to success outcomes.

Who We Are.

More than ever, customers now expect consistent, personable, tailored experiences and outcomes regardless of how they interact with your brand, products or services.

Centric Notion is a Customer Experience and Customer Success consulting firm that engages hands on and strategically to define, build and improve your customer growth strategy.

We design, build and scale Customer Success by leveraging a Customer Experience program to ensure all customers have a memorable experience and achieve their business outcomes. We work with all B2B and B2C customers at the different stages of their business.

What We Do.

Our efforts are focused on helping you design, build and scale Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Success (CS) to create a customer-centric culture for your employees and customers, improve customer churn, grow revenues and increase customer loyalty.

How We Do It.

Our mission is simple, it is help you create happy and loyal customers.

We are passionate and love what we do, we have integrity and great communication. We are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, produce great experiences for all our customers and deliver personalized attention and value to you. 

We are ready to assist and look forward to getting to know you and working with your unique needs.


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